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Call blocker for mobile,mobile blocker Beaupré,Automotive and consumer technology teams in Detroit and Silicon Valley remain hard at work preparing to kick-off the New Year with new technology at two of the nation’s biggest showcases of...

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Permanent Link to P3 predicts connected car focus of upcoming automotive, tech shows
Automotive and consumer technology teams in Detroit and Silicon Valley remain hard at work preparing to kick-off the New Year with new technology at two of the nation’s biggest showcases of automotive connectivity: CES 2016, held Jan. 6–9 in Las Vegas, and the North American International Auto Show, held Jan. 11–24 in Detroit. Samit Ghosh, Ph.D., president and CEO of P3 North America, has worked with U.S. automakers on connected vehicle technology since 2005. He shared his thoughts on the future of driving and what to expect at the upcoming shows in a news release from the company. “Autonomous driving, information and entertainment systems will continue to take center stage in 2016 as automakers focus on chips, sensors and smartphone applications as key consumer differentiators,” Ghosh said. “In-car entertainment and safety capabilities provided through telematics and infotainment technologies are rapidly becoming the reasons consumers buy vehicles, so the stakes have never been higher.” Underscoring the growing intersection of consumer technology and the car, Ghosh pointed to CES reports that its automotive exhibit space will grow 25 percent at the 2016 show, with nine auto makers and 115 automotive tech companies debuting products. “Complex technologies require efficient processes,” Ghosh said. “The connected car ecosystem is complicated and faces many challenges, but automakers are beginning to think differently about the way they incorporate technology into cars. They need to start by rethinking their organizations and processes, breaking down organizational silos and taking an end-to-end view of all the touch points that spell success in the rapidly changing IoT ecosystem. “Hot topics at this year’s auto shows will be the security of connected vehicle systems and the safety implications of evolving driver interfaces. Automakers also face the tough decision to remain proprietary or join the open source software movement, as smartphones become universal devices for controlling every consumer’s world. From personalized in-car entertainment to smart home integration, the car is becoming a critical link in our interconnected world,” he said. According to Ghosh, in the software-focused world, carmakers can achieve far greater economies of scale by sharing technology with all other automakers. He cited GENIVI open source In-Vehicle Infotainment software as one force working to shorten development cycles and reduce OEM costs. “As an independent systems integrator, P3 efficiently connects and unites large industry players to quickly and successfully innovate,” Ghosh said. “The way we manage projects and optimize our clients processes is extremely unique. Our international experience in both the automotive and the telecommunications industries gives us the exact perspective needed to help these converging industries accelerate the development of connected car technology.”

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