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Block cell phone cameras,cell service blocker s,The annual ION GNSS+ 2020 Conference scheduled to take place Sept. 21-25 in St. Louis, Missouri, will now be held entirely virtually. The Institute of Navigation (ION) made the decision after careful...

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The annual ION GNSS+ 2020 Conference scheduled to take place Sept. 21-25 in St. Louis, Missouri, will now be held entirely virtually. The Institute of Navigation (ION) made the decision after careful consideration and in light of COVID-19 and the domestic and international travel restrictions that make it impossible for many speakers and participants to participate in person, the organization stated. “The virtual platform is the best way to deliver a meaningful technical program experience to all participants,” said Lisa Beaty, executive director. ION GNSS+ 2020 VIRTUAL will be held over the original dates, Sept. 21-25, in Central Daylight Time and will live stream the plenary and all panel keynote sessions, including the Civil GPS Service Committee meeting, through the virtual web platform. These sessions will also be recorded and uploaded for viewing at a later time. Interactive question and answer will take place virtually. Individual technical presentations will be pre-recorded and uploaded with slides to the ION GNSS+ 2020 VIRTUAL site each morning for viewing at a later time. Attendees will have the option to submit questions to each presenter. Details can be found in the online program. Recognizing that industry partners want to connect with ION GNSS+ 2020 VIRTUAL attendees, ION is providing an expanded online exhibitor profile that allows exhibitors to upload a complete company profile with sales information, upload their company logo and company brochures, and will include complete contact information that allows attendees to email an exhibitor directly to ask questions or set up a phone or virtual appointment. The Institute of Navigation is offering free conference registrations for ION GNSS+ first-time attendees (some restrictions apply) and a COVID-19 economic impact discounted virtual registration fee. For more information on ION GNSS+ 2020 VIRTUAL, go to

block cell phone cameras

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