Cell phone jammer 3g and 4g - hidden cellphone jammer youtube

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Cell phone jammer 3g and 4g,hidden cellphone jammer youtube,Photo: Harxon Harxon is showcasing high-precision positioning GNSS antennas and its latest wireless data transmission technologies for surveying applications at Intergeo, Oct. 16-18, in Frankfurt,...

Cell phone jammer 3g and 4g - hidden cellphone jammer youtube
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Permanent Link to Harxon brings latest surveying technologies to Intergeo
Photo: Harxon Harxon is showcasing high-precision positioning GNSS antennas and its latest wireless data transmission technologies for surveying applications at Intergeo, Oct. 16-18, in Frankfurt, Germany. Image: Harxon X-Survey is an 4-in-1 OEM antenna for both navigation and communication in the real-time kinematic (RTK) surveying applications. It provides standard Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4G, and multiple-constellation signal reception for GNSS positioning. Its 3D design ensures a higher phase center stability and longer communication distance at a 360-degree direction, while lowering the impact of electromagnetic interference (EMI), hence increasing the overall machine efficiency and simplifying the RTK integration, the company said. Photo: Harxon The smart eRadio is a long-range and highly efficient radio modem designed to support RTK applications in surveying and precision agriculture. It can automatically identify RTK serial baud rate and provide a plug-and-play form for easy connection between eRadio and RTK. According to Harxon, the eRadio’s diagnostic reporting software can configure data and update radio status, allowing users to effectively deal with potential issues. In addition, it is equipped with the unique ETALK communication protocol that increases the communication distance by 20 percent. Other Harxon GNSS products showcased at Intergeo are for UAVs and precision agriculture, as well as surveying. The D-Helix antenna HX-CHX600A is featured with its patented D-QHA technology. Both 3D structured and mini-designed choke-ring antennas HX-CGX601A and HX-CGX611A can be used for base-station communication. The multi-constellation survey antenna GPS 1000, frequency hopping modem HX-DU2017D and external radio modem HX-DU8608D are also popular products for high-precision performance.  

cell phone jammer 3g and 4g

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